Insights center is in you. We are here to help and inspire you to explore your inner world.


We are Marina and Mila both born and raised in Ukraine and currently living in Europe, Mila in Amsterdam and Marina in Munich. We’ve been working in IT since early 20s and over the years integrated mindfulness practices in our lives. We both feel that now is the moment to start sharing our knowledge with others and with the open hearts we are ready to share our insights. 

We both have 20+ years of yoga and 7+ meditation and mindfulness experience, we both have been through burnouts and difficult moments in life and know how tough it is to recover from those. We found beautiful ways on how to connect body and mind, how to feel here and now, how to be present in the moment. We know that these little things make a huge difference in our daily life and in lives of the people we love, adding more balance, harmony, love, grace, beauty and bliss. 


You can reach us via

Email: omm.insights.center@gmail.com